Time of Day

Kevin: Vocals

Dave: Guitar, Uke, Vocals

Georgie: Vocals

Eric: Bass

Adam: Guitar

Cory: Drums and Percussion

Band History:

Time of Day started in 88' when Dave and Eric wrote the song for their then band The Stand.

The next year Dave, Adam and Chris formed a garage band playing 80's Punk, Instrumental Surf and a few originals, playing summer parties in 89'.

Then in 09' Dave and Eric started working on a cover song set list to play at parties and fire pit sessions, and the song Time of Day resurfaced. Searching for a name to call the duo, Time of Day seemed like the best choice.

Back at RISD in 93' Dave played sax in a band with fellow Illustration major Dave Kopperman at their house the "Fuzzy Door's" weekend parties. 

Fast forward to Cape May NJ where Dave realized it was time to finish the "Beach Bar Set List" of originals and find a recording studio. With the help of Dave K as Producer, co-song writer on many of the tunes, lead guitar and keys they recorded End of Season with the help of Mike Arafeh at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio in Middletown, CT as Producer. 

While rehearsing the songs, Dave realized he needed a strong lead vocalist and Kevin who was previously in their party cover band agreed to take on the role. Halfway through the project Georgie, Dave's daughter, joined the band to add a signature female duet and backing vocal part needed to finish the EP.

With End of Season released in 2018 and streaming on digital media Dave decided to go back in the studio to start work on a follow up project, which eventually became the album Under That Summer Sun.

While in progress Adam and Chris joined the band as lead guitarists and added two original songs, Into The Swamp Land and Under That Summer Sun. Kevin and Georgie took lead vocalist roles, Eric and Dave K played bass, Bumpy Chimes on guitar, Steve on Keys, Corey drums and Percussion. Chip Fenney came in as session Saxaphonist for Under That Summer Sun and Beach House of the Rising Sun and Greg LaPine played tenor sax for Driving to the End.

Time of Day Solo Acoustic with Dave and Georgie check out our Calendar for upcoming shows!
Liz Reed and Time of Day  with Liz Reed on lead vocals and guitar, Ben Stern on Keys, vocals and guitar and Dave on Guitar, bass, vocals and percussion.  Our Face Book Band Page!

Download and stream the new album below
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/under-that-summer-sun/1466467575

Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1oV2MxgllFSrXUKffQ6AAw?si=c4BPSPu5S1WsVpGq2-hraA